agri-prop :: spring 2005

Agri-Prop: A University of Houston Graphic Design / Architecture Collaborative Project

Agri-Prop is derived from Agit-Prop, a form of political propaganda used during the Russian Revolution to inform, influence and mobilize public opinion. This propaganda was displayed on large street art pieces applied directly to mobile structures such as trains. Along with imagery, the works were covered with slogans and iconography. Our Agri-Prop also serves to inform, influence and mobilize the public, though its message is ecological in nature. The Agri-Prop marries a mobile structure with a Houston specific ecologic problem and promotes a solution. Additionally, it incorporates plant material
into the basis of its structure.

The First Flush Filter is an Agri-Prop conceived of and built by a team composed of one graphic designer and three architects from the University of Houston. Designer: Kathryn Kelley Architects: Raven Bell, Blake Krause, Brad Naeher
Faculty Guidance: Cheryl Beckett, Patrick Peters


triptych project documentation (60"x30")


informational icons created for propoganda

logo explorations