© 2003. Kathryn Stirling Kelley
what is it that we value in our american culture?
the above panel set is 40" by 40". each image is mounted on 1/2 inch 10"x10" gator board... cost $4000 plus...seeing as how i butterfly fileted my index finger while cutting the board. good news the finger works, but most importantly, i didn't bleed on any of the prints. consider it analog user error which is far worse than digital user error...or perhaps this was digital error. ha! though it looks knarly the surgeon from hermann hospital actually lined up all the little wrinkles on my finger and today i simply have a neat and tidy seam that runs up the finger...doesn't lead to any good war stories because he did such a fine job. i do, however, now cut slowly and do not lean the blade into the ruler. i am teachable.

butterflied finger

A few of the preliminary sketches from this project