Week of
04.12.04 (P9)
03.22.04 (P7)
03.08.04 (P6)
03.01.04 (P5)
02.23.04 (P4)
02.16.04 (P3)
02.02.04 (P2)
01.20.04 (P1)

April 19-27, 2004

InDesign Type, Images & Color

InDesign CS is NOT compatible with InDesign 2
which is the software on the lab computers

Project 9 CD with printouts.

InDesign Classroom In A Book (CIB) chapters 5-7
Finish The Mac is not a typewriter

[PROJECT 9 Part II ]
Due April 27. Crit on poetry book April 27.

  1. CIB 5-7.
  2. Book of Poetry layout (define page size, margins, columns, page numbering system, primary typeface, input all text, determine approximate page(s) required for each poem, include title page, table of content page, determine binding you want to use. Add imagery. Refine type. Bring black & white printout (actual size) of book and images to crit on Monday.

Wednesday, April 22, TEST over
The Mac is not a typewriter,
Lecture on Images, and class lab (mandatory).
Complete Project 9. Print and burn to CD.
Monday, April 27 = Project 9 Part II Due

InDesign CS is not backwards compatible, thus the InDesign (indd) files from your textbook CD wont work on lab machines. The files below should be used instead. They are InDesign version 2.

  1. Chapter 5 Working with Typography
    1. 05_a
    2. 05_b
    3. 05_e
    4. 05_i
    5. 05_k
  2. Chapter 6 Working with Color
    1. 06_a
    2. 06_b
  3. Chapter 7 Importing and Linking Graphics
    1. 07_a
    2. 07_b
    3. 07_d


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